The Ghost of Christmas Past

Styrenes Tour Day 9

Hit the culinary nadir of the trip at Country Kitchen at a TA truck stop in Indiana. Note to self: Do not award this prize prematurely. Uno’s heat lamp pizzas the next day on the way to Cleveland make a strong showing. CK still holds the record though. Needed some pure crap to feel like we’re really on the road. Food has been actually pretty great, especially below Mason-Dixon

Borrowed an hour from the Central Time Zone for the second time this week, a loan which carries a heavy daily interest rate when the following day has an early start and a long eastward drive.

Empty Bottle show, decent sound, decent turnout, kickin set. Openers were John Bellows, started off with some rickety acoustic country blues noodling, much better with his acoustic through distortion with bass and drums, doing some kind of outsider art metal.
Daily Void- minimalist proggy punk, cool division of sonic territory. Two thin mid and high guitars, cawing crow and nails-on-chalkboard, each sounded terrifying and hideous alone but on top of throaty bass and floor-tom-propelled drumset, it was a pretty good layer cake.

Heavy nostalgia driving through Chicago, intensifying though various previously visited neighborhoods to the peak weirdness of arriving at the same Comfort Inn O’Hare that I stayed in with Ibrahima Camara’s band in December 1999.

O. Henry Goes Swimming
The Comfort Inn O’Hare has a hot tub in the exercise room. Kind of a tangent from the developing pool story, but there it is. Morton thinks now at the end of this there will be a pristine, beautiful outdoor pool but it’ll be like the one in Syriana.

Quotes of the Day

the good old days:

“It’s a long story. Basically it was his fault.”
“My fault? Yeah, that had nothing to do with the Lakewood cops being assholes. Whatever I did was nothing but they were onto the next Assholian thing”

“The time Davey and I were in jail, he was saying how much he liked it!”
“He said it was the best meal he’d had in weeks!”
“He was talking to me about the Jello!”


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