Brotherly Love

Styrenes Tour – Day 12-13

I promised myself I would keep my Xbox playing in the van as a private guilty pleasure, but I can’t help mentioning that after riding across OH, WV and PA driving a virtual Mustang I hotwired in a simulacrum known as Liberty City with the LCPD in hot pursuit, I jumped out of the virtual wreck by a motel on a corner under a bridge to try to get away on foot just as the tour van arrived at a hotel on a nearly identical corner under a bridge in Philly. For about an hour I struggled to suppress the urge to roll bums and extort protection money out of people.

Much needed day off, with a long drive and a very fine dinner at la Veranda, where addressing Paul as Paulie got us better service. After listening to the boys wax nostalgic over the past couple of days, with enough wine and linguine in me I started joking about the movie I would be pitching around Hollywood once I’m working out there. Who do you want to play you in the movie?
Al (instantly): ‚ÄúThat’s easy. Dreyfus.”
Morton had retired early, but everyone agreed he should be Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I say John Goodman. I suggested Johnny Depp for myself just to enjoy the springtime thundershower of “FUCK YOU”s. No clear consensus on me or Paul, but after some reasonable suggestions (Keitel, Dafoe) we came around to Jamie, who with his dour matter-of-fact tone said “I’d like to have a crack at it myself, if you don’t mind.”

Later Paul called everyone to ask for an early AM band meeting, which I suggested we move to lunch, in the interest of taking maximum advantage of our one day off. What is there to discuss with 4 days to go anyway?
Jamie: “I know how it goes, Paul gets a nice dinner and some wine, and gets to relaxin’ and the ideas start poppin’

Lazy day around Philly, followed by a tight set at the M Room, to the smallest audience to date, despite the only mainstream press coverage. Onward.

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